Must a student participate in the UIL Academic State Meet to qualify?

Yes, only partipation in UIL academic contests qualifies you for a scholarship. Participation in athletic competition or any pilot contest at the state level DOES NOT make you eligible.

Does going to UIL Academic State guarantee a scholarship?

No. Going to State one time during a four year high school career qualifies more than 2,000 students each year.

Does winning first place at State improve chances?

Not necessarily. It depends on the scholarship and the overall qualifications of the applicants. There are more first places possible than scholarships to award.

Does going to State more than once help?

It depends on the scholarship and the number of students who qualify for that particular scholarship.

Are applicants from the same school compared with each other?

Not specifically, but they are compared with all students who apply for the same scholarship during the same application year.

What are the highest priorities?

It depends on the scholarship. Generally students need a very high SAT or ACT score, a high class rank and a high grade point average. TILF is looking for students who show a record of consistent achievement. Evidence of leadership and participation in school and community activities is desirable. Need is a consideration for most scholarships.

Is it possible that an applicant might meet all of the required and desired elements and still not be selected for a scholarship?

Yes. The competition for the more lucrative scholarships is intense. The very best students from across the state are all competing for a limited number of scholarships.

Is it necessary to have an ACT or SAT score and to have applied and been accepted to a college or university prior to the application deadline?

Yes. TILF is looking for students who are prepared for college, and the entrance tests and acceptance to colleges are indicators of how much thought and preparation a student has given to higher education.

My school doesn't put my SAT/ACT scores on my transcript. What do I do?

Simply upload a copy of the score report you received from The College Board or ACT.

Do the larger schools get all the scholarships?

No. For the past several years statistics show that the numbers are fairly equal. Conference 1A through 6A schools garner similar numbers of scholarships.

Must a student go to a large college or university in order to get a scholarship?

No. During the 2017-18 school year, more than 50 colleges and universities in Texas received funding which amounted to more than $1 million. Unless a scholarship specifies a particular type of school, students may attend community colleges, junior colleges, or nearly any other accredited institution.

Do I have to attend a college in Texas to apply?

No, you merely have to be accepted to a college in Texas to apply. However, you must attend a college in Texas to receive a scholarship.

Why aren't TILF scholarships given to students who attend schools outside Texas?

The founders of TILF had two primary goals: to provide financial support for students who excel in interscholastic academic competition and to increase the numbers of those qualified individuals attending college within the state of Texas. Requiring attendance at a Texas college or university allows us to fulfill both of those goals.

How do I submit the required supporting materials?

Uploading all of these materials to our online application system is preferred. If you are unable to do so, we will accept mailed materials postmarked by May 11, 2018 at: TILF, PO Box 151027, Austin, TX 78715-1027

Should I wait to submit my application until after the State Meet?

We recommend that you apply early so that the application deadline doesn't get missed in the craziness that is the end of your senior year. Then email us your placement updates after you compete at the state meet.

However, waiting until the last minute to submit doesn't lessen your chances of getting a scholarship, as the committee doesn't evaluate applications until after the deadline. TILF awards are not first come, first served.

If I didn't place at state, what do I put on my application?

If you didn't place at state, you can leave the placement field blank.

How do I apply for the Texas State Solo and Ensemble (TSSEC) Scholarship?

The TILF office no longer administers applications for the TSSEC Scholarship. Please contact the UIL Music Department at 512-471-5883 or music@uiltexas.org or visit www.uiltexas.org/music/tssec for more information on applying for this award.

In Addition


Financial need plays a role in the selections especially when everything else is comparable. The donors desire is to enable as many academically talented Texas students as possible to pursue a higher education. Donors look upon their contributions as an investment in the future.

Of the students receiving scholarships in 2018, 73% had an SAT score of 1170 or higher and 74% scored a 24 or higher on the ACT. A full 15% of the recipients were valedictorians, and 47% ranked in the top five of their graduating classes. A vast majority of the applicants were in the top 10% of their graduating classes. TILF is proud to support the cream of the crop in Texas scholarship applicants.

This does not mean students ranking within the top 25% of their classes and with lower college entrance test scores do not get scholarships. They do, but their chances may be lessened by the high credentials of students in the applicant pool.

If you submit your application prior to receiving your competition results, you are responsible for contacting the TILF office to update your application after the contest.

Remember this rule of thumb! If you do not apply, you will not get a scholarship. We estimate the odds of receiving a TILF scholarship in 2019 at approximately 40%.

We wish the students all the best during the application process!