Welcome to our new TILF Scholars!

Posted by Trudy Richards on 08/01/2013

As August begins, we're happy to welcome so many new TILF Scholars to our program!

TILF selected 416 new recipients this year, all of whom were mailed packets on July 12th. If you see your name on this list and you haven't received notification, please contact our office at 512-232-4937 or tilf@uiltexas.org immediately so we can email you the necessary information. The deadline to return acceptance forms is August 10th, so time is of the essence.

Any unclaimed scholarships will be distributed to our standby list after August 10th.

TILF funds are sent to colleges in mid-September and mid-February of each year. You will receive an email from our office as soon as funds have been released to your college. Because the more than 70 colleges we deal with all have different processes, we can't guarantee exact disbursal dates, but approximate that funds will be applied to your college accounts within 7-10 days of release.

As always, if you have any questions about the process or your scholarship requirements, just get in touch. We love to hear from our TILF Scholars!

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