Answers to All Your Pressing Questions

Posted by Trudy Richards on 04/08/2013

Since we've begun accepting applications this year, we've had a large number of questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked.


Q: Do I have to attend a college in Texas to apply?

A: No, you merely have to be accepted to a college in Texas to apply. However, you must attend a college in Texas to receive a scholarship.


Q: Why aren't TILF scholarships given to students who attend schools outside Texas?

A: The founders of TILF had two primary goals: to provide financial support for students who excel in interscholastic academic competition and to increase the numbers of those qualified individuals attending college within the state of Texas. Requiring attendance at a Texas college or university allows us to fulfill both of those goals.


Q: I received a division rating of I or II at the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest (TSSEC). Am I eligible for the TSSEC scholarship or any other TILF scholarship?

A: You are only eligible to apply for the TSSEC scholarship if you were recognized as an Outstanding Soloist at TSSEC. If you meet this qualification, your application deadline is June 28.

For all of our other scholarships (including other music scholarships), you must have qualified for the UIL Academic State Meet in some academic contest. Our music scholarships additionally require you to have recieved a division rating of I or II at TSSEC. The application deadline for application for these scholarships is May 31.


Q: My school doesn't put my SAT/ACT scores on my transcript. What do I do?

A: Simply upload a copy of the score report you received from The College Board or ACT.


Q: How do I submit the required supporting materials?

A: Uploading all of these materials to our online application system is preferred. If you are unable to do so, we will accept mailed materials postmarked by May 31 at: TILF, PO Box 8028, Austin, TX 78713-8028


Have other questions not covered here? Contact us at or 512-232-4937.

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